The Most Eco-tastic Towel Ever Made!

Made from 100% TENCEL™ that use less water, less energy and NO insecticides and pesticides.  They also feel great for your baby, fur baby and you.

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Our customers love us

I've been making an effort in becoming more eco-conscious.  It's a little more expensive, but I'm happy that I'm doing my part in sustainability.

Rachelle F. (11/14/2018)

I was given a set of your towels from a friend of a friend of yours.  After a couple of uses, I went ahead and bought a set for my 2 children.

Jessica C. (12/15/2018)

I'm so glad you started to get these towels for our furry friends.  My pug, Dac, loves it!

Sam C. (12/30/2018)

My toddler enjoys playing around  with the towels in and out of the bath.  I hope you can make some with different colors like pink or baby blue.

Marissa M. (1/2/2019)

Seriously happy here with the towels!  I couldn't believe the level of softness.  They get softer after every wash.

Pat J. (1/4/2019)

Why Eiffel Towel?

We Love Babies!

Our products were designed with babies and children in mind, but many of our customers are kids at heart - just like you!

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We Love Pets!

Why do pets need to use those nasty old towels?  They have feelings too!  Our pets want soft and fluffy towels to stay clean.

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We Love Earth!

We have 1 planet. Why damage it even further by buying harmful textiles?  Let's take care of our planet 1 towel at a time.

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