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A Revolution In

Baby Care Technology

The patent pending Eiffel Towel baby accessories are the most eco-friendly, super soft, absorbent and durable blankets, bibs and pacifier holders that your child will ever own.

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Designed for

Baby's Sensitive Skin

Eiffel was created because our Founder's niece had Eczema.  While we'll never claim to cure anything, the Organic material is super absorbent and will keep your baby's dry.  We also made sure that all of our products are uber cute, super soft and comfortable for your baby's changing needs and environment.

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Engineered to be

Durable & Absorbent

Baby stuff is expensive, and your family needs a lot of it as your child grows.   Our Eiffel Baby Series is strong and durable. It's double-sided (towel side & cute flannel side) to make sure that the toughest stains stay away from your precious undershirts.

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