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Should I expect shrinkage after I wash my Eiffel Towel products?

How should I wash my Eiffel Towel products?

Should I expect the color of my Eiffel Towel products to fade over time?

There's a design I like but it's out of stock or sold out, when can I expect that to be restocked?

Where are the Eiffel Towels?

Are your pacifiers BPA-Free?


How do I mix-and-match different colored Eiffel Towels in a set?

I would like a refund but the original card that I used to purchase an Eiffel Towel is closed. How do you process this?


I'm an artist and I have a cool design that I would like to product through Eiffel Towel. How do I do that?


What does shipping cost?

Do you ship outside of the USA?