Eiffel Towel's September 2019 Release of Sheep Happens

What is Eiffel Towel's Sheep Happens Collection?

We wanted to give our loyal blog readers a chance to check out our latest eco-friendly release:Β  Eiffel Towel's Sheep Happens Collection.Β  It's super cute and made with Organic Cotton and TENCEL in addition to our other next generation of baby accessory technologies.

The Sheep Happens Collection was created by our long-time friend an Eiffel Towel supporter - Lynn of San Francisco.Β  She wanted to create a collection that addresses all the curveballs that are thrown at you during life.Β  Lynn has had a bunch of distractions and obstacles put in front of her, and she's managed to overcome each one with style and class.Β  You can ready more about the story behind Sheep Happens by clicking here.

Check out the video:


What's included in our Eiffel Towel Sheep Happens Collection?

For the first time we are launching a new collection with options for a 2-item or 3-item set.

What's in an Eiffel Towel 2-item set?

Our traditional 2-item set includes an Eiffel Towel infant baby bib and an Eiffel Towel infant baby pacifier holder (15" x 15").Β  The 2-item set has been a best seller for all of our customers.Β  It's a perfect gift for your friend, buddy that's expecting and all baby showers.Β  It also comes in a perfect gift box that you can either wrap or just mail straight to them.

What's in an Eiffel Towel 3-item set?

With our new 3-item sets, we're including what's already found in our 2-item set:Β  the infant bib and infant pacifier, but we're also adding our best selling The Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket.Β Β 

The Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket is 55" x 28" and weighs about 400 grams.Β  It's perfect for infants, babies and most children.Β  It's super cuddly and absorbent and looks great too.


When do you release the Eiffel Towel Sheep Happens Collection?

The official release date is Tuesday, September 10, 2019.Β  However, for the lucky readers of our blog, you can start purchasing it now before it sells out:

Eiffel Towel's Sheep Happens Collection

On behalf our our artist, Lynn of San Francisco, and the entire Eiffel Towel team, we're proud to release the Eiffel Towel Sheep Happens Collection for your baby or for your family and friends as their baby shower gift.