How do I find custom baby clothing like bibs, pacifier holders and burp cloths?

130-136 Million New Babies per year worldwide

The world is getting bigger - like really big.  Our world population is almost at 8 billion people (7.53 billion as of 2017).  With that said, we're adding about 130-136 million babies per year.  With those numbers, it's hard to lay a claim that you and your baby can be and look unique.

We spoke with our customers, and a lot of them want their baby to look cute, but unique.  They go onto Amazon to shop for baby clothing and accessories, and one of the biggest complaints is that they don't want their baby boy or baby girl to look like every other infant and toddler out there.  They truly want to be unique.

Parents wants their children to look cute and unique

The manufacturers of baby bibs, and infant pacifier holders and toddler clothing can only come up with so many designs.  It's very difficult to run a business if they can't easily sell large quantities of whatever baby product they manufacture.

Luckily for you, Eiffel Towel is boutique shop for babies.  We specialize in small batches.  Our team puts together several designs per calendar quarter and we manufacture them by hand in the United States. Yes, it's a lot of work, but we're so happy when we see pictures of our customer's baby's with our latest trendy designs. It's even better with our towel backing since it's super absorbent yet cute and cuddly.

The Eiffel Towel team takes pride in manufacturing each one of our accessories by hand in the USA. It's a testament to the high quality of our materials and craftsmanship.  As always, we are so sure that you and your baby will love your Eiffel Towel baby accessories that we offer a 30-day Return Policy.  We'll even pay the shipping back to us.

Small Batch baby bibs, pacifier holders, towels, blankets & burp cloths are the rage in 2019

One of our favorite collections, Wasabi Time, comes in 2-piece and 3-piece sets.  Our 2-piece set includes the bib & pacifier holder while our 3-piece set include the bib, pacifier holder and the Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket.

We are also working on new technologies on our web store to make sure every part of your Eiffel Towel bib, pacifier holder and burp cloth are unique and customizable. You will be able to design everything from the top flannel, to the Eiffel Towel backing to the binkie pacifier holder stuffed animal with BPA-free pacifier.  This will allow you to make sure your best baby accessories are unique to you and your baby.

The best place to buy your eco-friendly baby accessories is on our website at