How many baby bibs does an infant need?

One of the questions that we get asked a lot by current, but mostly expecting parents is:

How many baby infant bandana bibs do I need?

Knowing how many bibs a parent needs is like asking any of the following questions:

  • How many diapers does my child need between 0-2 years old?

  • How many hours of sleep does my baby boy need each night?

  • How many bottles of milk does my baby girl need for a daddy-daughter afternoon day?

The reality is:Β  one never knows!Β  However, we can make some educated guesses as to how to come to this number. Let's take a minute to figure out some information you may already know:

  • How many times does a new parent (you) do laundry each week?

  • On average, how many times does your baby need a changing per day?

If we can answer these two questions, then we can at least come up with a good number.Β  Here's our math:

According to's blog, seven is the average number of laundry loads per week - so once per day.

Cafemom's Blog says they will do a diaper change 6-10 times per day for a newborn.Β  So let's take 8 diaper changes per day as the average and then divide that by 2 since each diaper change does not mean you have to change the baby's outfit.Β  So that would equal 4 outfit changes per day.Β  I know this sounds a lot, but we'll run with it for discussion purposes.Β  If we equate 1 baby boy or baby girl bib per outfit change that's 4 bibs required per day.

Whew!Β  Math is hard!

Now if you're super savvy, and you're super disciplined about your daily laundry routine, you may be able to run with 4 bibs daily for your child until they outgrow them. However, we all know that won't happen.Β  It would be safe to at least double that number of bibs and say 8 bibs is the correct number of bibs parents need to accommodate one newborn.

At any time since we know your infant may use 1 bib per day, and on other days they'll use all 8 bibs which will force you to do your daily laundry load.Β  Over time you'll want to retire some of the bibs due to permanent stains, and you'll also lose some bibs at grandma's house or at church or at the store.Β  It wouldn't be out of the question if your baby owned 20-30 different bibs between the ages of 0-2 years old.

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