The Anatomy of an Eiffel Towel Box

When we started Eiffel Towel, we had a few goals:

  • To make the most eco-friendly and comfy towel ever for you, your baby and fur baby.
  • To have the best out-of-the-box experience for our products.

We knew the first goal was going to be a tough goal that would require a lot of patience, attention to detail and lots of testing.Β  However, hard work has prevailed in the Eiffel Towel Snuggle BlankieΒ and other Eiffel Towel products.

The second goal was completely different from our first goal, and we a lot tougher than we expected.Β  Let us walk you through the anatomy of an Eiffel Towel Box

It was clear given our small operation and small marketing budget that it would take some time to get Eiffel Towel into Amazon and other retail stores.Β  Because of that, we needed a way to give you the Apple Store experience without having to spend millions in doing so.Β  That led us down the path of making sure our box was created with the utmost care.Β  We wanted to make sure our box represented our products and our team.

Baby blanket sketches producing drawing packΒ Eiffel Towel Thank You Box Prototype Baby

Like most Eiffel Towel ideas such as our images and digital ads, it starts in a notebook.Β  It takes anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks to craft and reiterate on your idea.Β  Around January 31, 2019Β we were redesigning our logo.Β  This led us to create a simple brand guide (so that we're consistent), but it also set the foundation for our box.Β  It took another few weeks to continue with our sketches until we had an idea.

Eiffel Towel prototype eco-friendly baby box closedΒ Β Eiffel Towel prototype eco-friendly baby box open

After we approved the sketches, we started to work with some cardboard from the arts & crafts store.Β  We're at these stores more often than we'd like, but they're pretty awesome and it's easy to get carried away.Β  We take the cardboard and start folding and cutting to make our idea jump off our notebook's page.

Eiffel Towel Packlane eco-friendly box closedΒ Eiffel Towel Packlane eco-friendly box open

After we are happy with a few versions of our box, we then had to get our graphics team take our physical prototype and convert it to an Adobe Illustrator file so that it's compatible with any print shop.Β  Ultimately we worked with an online box vendor,Β Packlane, to produce our box.Β  We loved them because they had awesome deals, but they had our cardboard of choice and they were the best to get our colors correctly.

Eiffel Towel eco-friendly baby blanket box closed

I'm sure this version of our box won't be our last (it's already changed at least twice since we started shipping our products), and we'll continue to iterate and improve on our box as Eiffel Towel continues to grow and our needs change.