What are the forgotten but essential items for Vacation packing?

It’s almost that time of year where we put up our “Out of Office” email auto-reply, pack the bags  and find yourself sipping on Margarita pool side in some hot and humid beach resort. Oh yes! It’s summer vacation time where we spend $4 on a bottle of water, $8 for a soda and $14 for a turkey leg.  You don’t even like turkey!

While we can’t get away from the inevitable costs of food and entertainment, we can save you from buying stuff you already own but you forgot to pack.  We often times go on vacation and we forget essentials and end up paying an arm and leg for them at our destination out of pure convenience.. Here are Eiffel Towel’s Top 5 forgotten essentials that you need to pack for your next vacation


This is a broad category since it encompasses a lot of things and serves different needs.  We recommend that you have the proper power adapters/converters for your electronic. Each country has different power requirements double check before you arrive.

We also like to carry a multi-outlet electrical strip, long mobile phone charging cables and a portable battery pack for those unexpected times. Make sure the battery pack is at least 5000 mAh ore more.


If you have a fine wine or whiskey collection (we love the Hibiki 21 in case somebody wants to get us something nice), then by all means take that with you if you want to share it on your holiday.  It has to go into your check-in luggage, so pack it tight. For those that may not be going to an all-inclusive spot, then you may want to pick up a bottle of Vodka once you arrive at your destination.

Cruise goers beware.  Cruise lines depend on your bar spend to become profitable, so they won’t let you take anything on board beyond a 1-2 bottles.    We found the Rum Runner to be pretty ingenious.


Could you imagine the millions of towels that are washed daily at hotels all around the world?  It’s a lot! Most laundry washers won’t care about your towel, and some may even use harmful chemicals and suspect methods in their washing process.  This could affect your skin and overall well-being.

We recommend that you bring an Eiffel Towel and change it out every 3 days.  So for those on a 7 night vacation, I’d bring at least 2 per person.


Laundry Bag

You spent the last week laying out on the beach and rolling around in the sand.  Unless you had a microscope you wouldn’t realize the amount of germs and bacteria that are in your bathing suit.  And you’re going to let that nasty thing touch all the other stuff in your suitcase? Don’t do that! That’s gross!

While you can get a plastic bag at your hotel, it’s not eco-friendly.  Take a couple of your reusable shopping bags and stuff them in your luggage before you depart.  Throw your used closed in there or Eiffel Towels, and wash promptly when you get home.


Despite what you may think, you should always wear sunscreen.  Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye and are known to damage your skins.   We’ll wait while you do that.

Sunscreen is expensive, but you know what’s more expensive?  Sunscreen at a vacation spot! Whether you’re hiking at a National Park, snorkeling off a sandy beach or carving out fresh powder on a ski trip at the opposite hemisphere, you should bring your own sunscreen and wear it often.