What is a baby receiving blanket and why do I need one?

Best Infant Receiving Blanket in 2019

Months back in early 2019, the subject of blankets, specifically receiving blanket, was brought up internally at Eiffel headquarters.  For many of us, we never heard the term "receiving blanket".  We always thought a blanket is a piece of cloth that you put over a baby, infant, toddler, child or adult to keep them warm.  It was meant to retain heat generated by whoever or whatever was under the covers.  Boy were we wrong!

What should I be looking for when buying an infant receiving blanket?

It turns out that there are specific needs for receiving blankets including:

  • swaddling
  • breastfeeding cover
  • burp cloth or burp rag

It was the last need that got all of the light bulbs turning on within the company.

Blue Baby Receiving Blanket for boys and girls eco-friendly Organic

Why should I use my receiving blanket as a burp cloth?

Ultimately, you shouldn't.  Your baby's pretty blue or beautiful pink blanket was meant to keep them warm and make them feel secure.  As we all know most children under the age of 2 won't follow that rule.  Especially for infants, they'll spit up on anything and everywhere.  For the blanket, that usually means that if your child vomits on it, then that blanket become an instant wash rag or clean up cloth.

Is there a better solution for my baby's receiving blanket?

We're glad you asked!  Because we are in the towel business, we came up with a new way to help for those unexpected messes.  We went ahead and combined our super absorbent Eiffel Towel with a cute and cuddly flannel design and created a new kind of receiving blanket (in addition to a matching bib and pacifier holder/burp cloth.

We spent a lot of time in the Eiffel Lab, and we used an eco-friend Organic and TENCEL material that's already soft for sensitive skin, super absorbent for the messiest of messes and uber cute and created the Eiffel Receiving Blanket.

So what's next in the world of receiving blankets?

We're pretty innovative here at Eiffel.  We're happy to say that we have a lot of new baby accessories cooking in our labs.  One thing is for sure:  we always want to create the best looiing, eco-friendly, durable and absorbent baby accessories for your little one.