What makes an Eiffel Towel better than my current towel?

When we started Eiffel Towel, we wanted to make sure that we weren't creating just another towel. We had a special purpose:  to ease the itchy skin of my niece, Bea.  Eiffel Towel has since gone beyond that purpose, and it is praised by thousands for its softness and beautiful look.  The Eiffel Towel Team couldn't be more proud.

We asked ourselves and our customers, what more can we do to improve the Eiffel Towel product to make it better than the towels people already have in their homes?  A few things came out of our discussions that we needed to work on to become a better towel than what you already have.

Better textile sustainability

  • We wanted a towel that we could originate from a farm to your bathroom and back.  

    Eco-friendly materials

    • We have always been proponents of the organic movement, and we want to use materials that have the lowest impact on the environment.  Materials such as TENCEL™, Lyocell, Eucalyptus Cotton and Organic Cotton were some of the materials that we heard over the past few years.

    Reduce textile waste

    • We see the piles of clothing as a result of the fast fashion industry.  The piles of textiles such as bed linens and bathroom decor have been filling up the land fills.  We don't want our products to be apart of that.  We want our towels to have purpose beyond it's original intent.

    Working with good manufacturing partners

    • It was important to us to make sure that our entire supply chain has the highest business ethics when it comes to materials and labor.