Why do I need an eco-friendly towel?

Here are some crazy facts about clothing and textiles that you may not know (source X-Ray Fashion):

  • The fashion industry contributes to 10% of the global carbon emissions.
  • 85% of textiles are sent to landfills or burned.Β  Most of this (60%) is done within one year of manufacturing.
  • The average consumers is now purchasing 60% more clothing than in the 1990s - most of this winds up in the landfills.
  • 40% of clothes in most people's closet are never worn.
  • One pair of jeans uses over 10000 liters of water - this is more water than what the average human drinks in a year.

X Ray Fashion Textile recycling waste landfills

These are crazy numbers to digest, and it's safe to assume that the numbers will continue to grow and impact our planet more over the next few years.

We thought long and hard about these numbers and how it could apply to Eiffel Towel.Β  There are 2 types of companies that act on these numbers:

  • Those companies that want to operating without the consideration of a growing carbon footprint.
  • Those companies that are striving for a more sustainable industry with less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

Eiffel Towel has grown because of the latter.Β  Β We ran a recent survey with our customer base where 97.7% of them told us that they wanted an Eiffel Towel because it was more eco-friendly.Β  They heard our message and it resonated with them.Β  Our towels are made with less water, less energy and have no insecticides or pesticides.Β  Because of our more environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques, we know when an Eiffel Towel is made that it doesn't impact the environment nearly as much as the other towel manufacturers.

Eco friendly carbon footprint Tencel towels

Most of us take a shower everyday, and we use several towels in a given week.Β  Those towels will eventually be discarded (whether it's because they are worn out, they start to small bad, or you just want a new style for your bathroom).Β  Most people end up turning them into rags which eventually get thrown away.Β  This is a tremendous burden on our landfills.Β  On a side note, Eiffel Towels have been proven to be more durable due to the fibers used and more breathable to eliminate any mold build up, so you know that it'll last a lot longer than what you are using today.

What most people don't realize is that homeless shelters need towels.Β  Those that are less fortunate may not have a towel to take a warm bath.Β  Eiffel Towel has started and will always have a donation program - The Eiffel Towel's 365 Day Towel Drive.Β  We do this because we want every towel to be used to it's maximum life.

When you make a donation to your local homeless shelter, and snap a picture, we'll send you a promo code for 15% off your next order.Β  There is no limit to this.Β  We'll be happy to give you a promo code every day if you continue to support your local homeless shelter.

If you have any ideas to help reduce one's carbon football especially when it's related to clothing or home goods, we'd love to hear it.Β  Send an email to help@eiffeltowel.com.