Why does my baby need a burp cloth?

Look into your baby bag and tell me what you see?  If I were to guess, some of the things that you may have include:

But do you have a burp cloth?  Of course not!

Do I and my baby need a burp cloth?

You've let fate decide on whether your shirt or blouse will be spotless or full of baby's last meal.  Maybe today is your lucky day, but in all reality your top will be stained eventually.  So to answer the question:  yes!  You need a baby burp cloth.

How many baby burp cloths do I need? 

Most of the time, two infant baby burp cloths are sufficient.  This will allow you to have one burp cloth on standby and a primary one to use throughout the morning, day and night.  At Eiffel Towel, even though our burp cloths are super absorbent due to the addition of our eco-friendly Organic towel, we always like to have 3 burp cloths available for our babies.  This will allow us to have 1 in use, 1 in the bag and 1 somewhere at home just in case we forget to do laundry.  Some of our best customers have 7 burp cloths.

Will a burp cloth keep my clothing from getting stained?

In most cases, yes!  However, every baby is different.  Some babies will spit up just a little bit, and on other days they'll spit up more than usual which usually surprises most parents and care takers.  At Eiffel Towel, our burp cloths are so absorbent because they are based on our best selling towels.

Can I just use a bib instead of a burp cloth?

Of course you can use a bib!  You can also use paper napkins from the restaurant.  However, these substitute tools are just hacks.  They do the job of keeping your shit clean, but it may not be the most ergonomic and therefore leading to spit landing somewhere on your clothing.

Infant Baby Burp Cloth Eco-friendly Organic

At Eiffel Towel, we spend a lot of time working with our customers to make sure that we have the best burp cloth for you and for your child. Our simple patterns allow you to rest the burp cloth on your shoulder.  It includes a simple notch to fit your neck and provide an additional stability to keep the burp cloth in place.

Additionally, our infant burp cloths not only have the towel and flannel design, it also has absorbent material between those two layers to ensure that your burp cloth absorbs everything.  The last thing you want is to have that stain on your shirt just as you're out and about.

Does my burp cloth have to look plain and ugly or look like every other burp cloth?

No!  One of the best things about the Eiffel Towel baby accessories is that we do everything in small batches.  That means, once we sell out of a given collection, they're gone forever.

Bunyan & Babe infant baby eco-friendly burp cloth

One of our favorite collection is the Pirates of the Crib.  Pirates of the Crib infant burp cloth is inspired by one of our favorite rides and movie franchises.  It's perfect for the adventurous little baby boy or little baby girl.