Why PANTONE's color of the year - Living Coral - is needed in your bathroom?

Late in 2018, PANTONE, the company known for it's color matching system, announced it's color of the year. Ready for it?  Drumroll please...  

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral.

For the past 20 years, PANTONE takes into account the cultural trends, fashion and other decorative design.  Ultimately, they asked “how colors can embody our collective experience and reflect what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time."  The powers within PANTONE decided that Living Coral answered that question.

So what does this mean to us consumers?  It wouldn't be surprising to see more of the products that we use daily in the Living Coral color such as our mobile phones, headphones, cars, makeup, fashion trends and now bathroom design.  Additionally, we're already seeing the social media influencers promote products in Living Coral.  If you're one of those individuals that loves to be on the forefront of trendy bathrooms, then it wouldn't hurt to start introducing Living Coral.

The Eiffel Towel designers have been working hard in the labs to get the right eco-friendly dye on our new Series 2 towels that is made with TENCEL™ and certified Organic Cotton.  We worked with home decor consultants and polled our customer base to find out if Living Coral is the right color to compliment your bathroom.  It was an overwhelming "yes"!

We're excited to start with sprucing up your bathroom towel design and color scheme, but we won't stop there.  While we can't say what we're cooking in our labs, you'll be excited to know that other bathroom necessities will easily compliment your new Living Color Series 2 Eiffel Towel.