2019 Black Friday Sale Deals at Eiffel Towel


Hi Eiffel Fans!

Our lowest prices of the year are going on now!


Eiffel Towel Organic Towel

All Eiffel Towels for Adults & Children are $14.99 or less if purchased in packs (usually $49.99)



Eiffel Towel organic drool bib TENCEL cotton

All Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are $12.99 (usually $24.99 each)



Eiffel Towel organic pacifier holder

All Baby Pacifier Holders with choice of pacifier are $17.99 (usually $39.99)



Burp Cloth Eiffel Towel Organic TENCEL

All Baby Burp cloths are $16.99 (usually $29.99 each)



Let us know if you have any questions!  Chat with us (click "HELP" button on the bottom of this page) or drop us an email at help@eiffeltowel.com.


Allan & The Eiffel Towel Team