Best Infant Bibs for 2019

An infant baby bib is an easy way for your little one to look good, keep that face neat and keep their clothes and dresses fresh and clean.

What's an Infant Bib?

A bib is usually a piece of removable cloth that attaches around a baby or toddler's neck.ย  It's primary usage is to prevent food spills or drool coming into contact with an infant's shirt or dress.ย  The last thing you want is to take your child out for a whole day of events, but you end up going home because your baby's clothing is ruined.

Don't forget that despite your infant's age, they'll want to look good when they have the opportunity to get out of the house.ย  While it sounds simple, a baby's bib is their primary fashion statement.ย ย The bib will also be one of the items that will appear most often in your baby's pictures.ย  These pictures will be around for your child's lifetime, so make sure their bib looks great or funny or goofy for these picture moments.

What Should You Look for In an Infant Bib?

As we mentioned before, your infant's bib's most important function is to keep unwanted food, drink or spit from touching their precious shirt or dress.ย ย Here are a few things to consider

  • Look & Feel of Infant Bib

Humans are very visual, so make sure you like the look of your infant's bib.ย  That's what you'll see when you look at your baby, when you do the laundry, and when you look back at pictures on your social media.ย 

  • Craftsmanship & Quality of Infant Bib

Like most infant items, they'll get tested on durability.ย  It's essential to buy high quality baby accessories like bibs, pacifier holders, burping cloths and receiving blankets.ย  Chances are you'll end up dealing with the worst messes, and that'll require you to use your bibs and blankets in new and unique ways.
You'll want a bib that can withstand most active babies while handling many washer and dryer cycles.
The Eiffel Towel team spent a lot of time to re-invent the technologyย used in infant bibs.ย  We know they're absorbent, durable, eco-friendly and made from Organic Cotton.
  • Design of Infant Bibs

If the Eiffel Towel customers only knew the amount of time the team spent in the labs to invent something new for your infant, they'd be in shock.ย  We wanted to make sure that your infant has the best bib, pacifier holder, burping cloth and blanket that your baby will ever own.
We use our ever-so-popular waffle weave Eiffel Towel and combined it with a cute and fluffy flannel design to make baby accessories that your friends and family will love.ย  Because our baby bibs are based off of an already absorbent towel, it's safe to say that it'll soak up liquids and food quicker and faster than anything else on the market?
Don't believe us?ย  Check out this test of how a leader infant bib manufacturer didn't absorb liquid versus how the Eiffel Baby Bib almost instantly absorbed the liquid.

Why Purchase an Infant Bib Instead of Carrying Baby Wipes or Paper Towels?

So why buy a dedicated infant bib versus carrying wipes?ย  There's a lot of reasons, butย your child may look a little silly if they're spitting up on their nice clothes.

Baby wipes and paper towels have their time and place.ย  While we don't promote the use of disposable towels, we understand that you may not be able to avoid especially if there is a bad accident (think unexpected urination or bowel movements).

Ultimately, take advantage of this time to dress up your infant.ย  One of the Eiffel Baby team's favorite is our Wasabi Time collection.ย  We love the Wasabi Time Infant Bib with the abu-bluish towel backing.