Best Baby Blanket Towel for 2019

What is a baby blanket towel?

A baby blanket towel is the ultimate baby accessory for the active infant and active parent. Eiffel Towel's Baby Blanket Towel is an all-in-one blanket + towel product that is eco-friendly, made using less electricity, made using less water and no harmful chemicals and pesticides were used in the manufacturing process.  This occurs because Eiffel Towel uses eco-friendly and beautiful TENCEL + Organic Cotton.

Strong muscle baby with Tiffany blue baby towel blanket


What should you look for in a baby blanket towel?

Let's first understand what is important in an individual towel and an individual blanket.  A towel is traditionally used after a baby gets wet whether that be from a bath, a shower, a trip to the pool or an accident.  Oops!  A towel serves one purpose to dry an individual and/or remove any unwanted dirt or residue.

A blanket is traditionally used to keep your infant warm.  There are so many different kinds of blankets from throw blankets that are on your couch to down comforters that keep you super warm in bed.  Baby blankets are special products because they serve your little gal or little guy.  Your mini-you can't express in words whether or not they are too warm, or too cold or the blanket is too swaddled or not covering enough.

It's important to find a very soft, fluffy and good looking blanket towel such as the Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket.  The towel is 55"x27" and can take care of infants, babies and children ages 0-5 and beyond.

(Addie & little sister Alina in her Blushing Coral Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket)


Why purchase a baby blanket towel instead of using a separate blanket and towel?

The biggest reason customers have been purchasing our Eiffel Baby Towel Blankets (such as one in Aubrey Blue) is because it works as a towel+blanket and they have to carry less stuff. The towel blankets are absurdly soft, lightweight, fluffy, absorbent and look super cute.

You already have to carry so many baby accessories from bottles, to toys and to strollers to name a few.  Why bother to carry a separate blanket and towel?  Carry an Eiffel Baby Towel Blanket, and make your life as a mommy and daddy or grandma and grandpa a lot easier.