Best Baby Pacifier Holder For 2019

What is a Infant Pacifier Holder?

A Pacifier Holder for babies and infants is usually some item attached to the baby's pacifier.  It allows a parent to easily find the pacifier holder because it becomes a larger object.  A pacifier holder may come in different names with the most popular being a binky, binkie, a nuk or paci.  In addition to a pacifier, many pacifier holders have stuffed animals attached to it and in other cases you have a piece of cloth attached.   The cloth is there to serve as a baby towel to wipe up their drool or any other mess they created.


What should you look for in an Infant Pacifier Holder?

After speaking with so many parents, we asked them what they wanted in a pacifier holder for their infant.  Here's a few highlights:

  • Removable Teething Pacifier
    • Given that the teething pacifier and stuffed toy and towel will get dirty from drool or food or milk.  Parents need to have the ability to remove the teething pacifier to sanitize that before tossing the stuffed animal into the washer and dryer.
  • BPA-Free Pacifier (if included)
    • BPA stands for Bishpenol A or BPA for short.   BPA is traditionally found in the creation of plastics such as your baby's pacifier.  Some experts believe that BPA is bad for babies and humans.  According to studies via The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences infants and children are the most vulnerable to BPA exposure.
  • A super absorbent towel
    • We all know your baby will drool or not exactly get their entire bite of food or get that last drop of milk to the correct destination (read: stomach).  With so much going on, it's always wise to have a super absorbent and absurdly soft Eiffel Towel on hand.  We have created a new kind of infant pacifier holder that is Made in the USA, manufactured with eco-friendly organic materials, soft, absorbent and BPA-Free.
  • Cute designs
    • None of this matters unless your baby and their accessories are cute to look at.  We make our infant bibs, pacifier holders and receiving blankets in small batches - just like how your grandma does it.  Because of the nature of small batches, we have a small supply that usually sells out quick.  This allows you to dress you baby and unique as possible, and the odds of finding another baby with your same design is almost 0.  Take a look at Eiffel Towel's Jumbo Mumbo No. 5 infant bib and pacifier holder set.  It's inspired that very famous song that we all sing and dance to.

    ( The Fox Said What?!?!? Pacifier Holder)

    Why purchase a dedicated Infant Pacifier Holder instead of using a regular pacifier without the holder?

    We all know that infants and babies and children are unpredictable.  They're super clean one moment and a mess the next. We recommend using the Eiffel Towel Pacifier Holder since it gives you the best of both worlds.  You have the included BPA-Free pacifier, ultra adorable and super absorbent 15" x 15" Eiffel Blanket Towel to clean up the messiest of messes.

    Carrying a regular pacifier and a separate baby rag is not the end of the world.  It just requires you to remember one more thing.  When you're main focus should be on your child, why make it one more thing harder.

    The Eiffel Towel Pirates of the Crib Pacifier Holder is one of our most colorful pieces and comes highly reviewed and rated by our customers.

    (Eiffel Towel's Pirates of the Crib Pacifier Holder and Infant Bib Set)