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  • Eiffel Towel engineered these towels from the ground up using TENCEL™ & Organic Cotton


  • Eiffel Towel has a 30 Day Hassle-Free Return Policy with free shipping both ways #HassleFreeReturns


  • 5 unique colors including Color of the Year - Living Coral


  • Super soft for you, your baby and fur baby


  • Eiffel Towels are manufactured using less water, less electricity and no harmful chemicals or pesticides


  • Eiffel Towels have better breathability so they dry faster and are less prone to that musty smell


  • OKEO-TEX® 100, OSC Blended and TENCEL™ certified


  • Shop today at


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  • FRIEND15OFF     (15% Off Entire Order)


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Eiffel Towel Limpet Shell Tiffany Blue


Eiffel Towel Box Model Throw


Eiffel Towel High Rise Grey


Eiffel Towel Limpet Shell


Eiffel Towel Box Packaging