Buying Guide for Baby Shower Gifts 2019

What's a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party or gathering to celebrate the expected arrival of a close friend or relative's baby.  The word "shower" actually comes from the term where mothers-to-be are "showered" with gifts.

Infant Bib Tiffany Blue Pop The Popsicle

Who Is Invited to a Baby Shower?

A baby shower used to be primarily a women's only event, but recent times have started to include the males, brothers, boyfriends and husbands in the fun and games.

What Happens at a Baby Shower?

Anything goes at a Baby Shower, but it's usually a fun-filled day of food, drinks (no alcohol for the mother-to-be), mingling, picture taking and games.  Lots and lots of games.

Some of our favorite baby shower games include:

  • Guess Mommy's Belly Circumference:  This is where all the guests each select a number in inches or centimeters where that number is their guess for the total circumference of mommy.  Once all the numbers are distributed, then they take the tape measure out and measure the largest distance around the belly.  The number that is closest to the actually circumference wins.
  • Guess Who? The Infant Picture Guessing Game:  This takes some pre-planning and requires as many guests to participate.  Each guest brings a physical copy of their baby picture.  They write their name on the back and give it to the baby shower organizer.  He or she puts all the baby pictures on a displayable cardboard.  All the guests in attendance guess who is who and the winner is determined by who can make the highest number of correct choices.

What Should Guys and Gals Look For In A Baby Shower Gift?

There's nothing wrong with giving the infant gifts of bibs, pacifier holders and blankets.  Everybody always wants to invite a member of the Eiffel Towel team because we tend to give the best baby shower gifts.

It's usually the tough for guys to get a baby shower gift for their best buddy.   Many guys are on foreign soil when they decide to shop in the Amazon Baby Department or Pottery Barn Kids.

For the first time baby shower attendee, we recommend getting something affordable and cute.  One of the best infant bib and infant pacifier holder gift is the Eiffel Towel Pirates of the Crib: Pacifier Holder & Bib set.  It's normally priced at $49.99, but can be had for much less if a sale occurs at the same time.

Another favorite for 2019 is a cute and fluffy is the Eiffel Towel Pop the Popsicle  Infant Bib and Infant Pacifier Holder 2-piece set.  Our customers love it because it's a neutral color that can be given to mom and dad when they don't know the gender of the new baby.

Infant Bib Pirates of the Crib

Why Purchase an Infant Bib as a Baby Shower Gift?

It would be a little odd if you attended a baby shower and did not have a gift especially since there are affordable gifts in all budget ranges.  For those on a strict budget, I would consider the Bunyan & Babe eco-friendly Organic Cotton Infant Bib.

For the guy or gal with a little higher budget, we would suggest The Fox Said What?!?!? Infant Pacifier Holder.  It's a 15"x15" flannel and Organic Cotton burp cloth with a stuffed elephant toy attached and a detachable BPA-Free pacifier.  It's uber cute and since all Eiffel Towels are done in small batches, you'll have the almost one-of-a-kind Baby Shower Gift.


Sushi Infant Bib in Blue-Green with waffle weave towel