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Hi Eiffel fans, customers and friends!

We love to talk, talk, talk!  The water cooler at Eiffel Towel Headquarters is always the meeting spot where we get together to chat about the latest pop culture rumor or the winner of whatever game is on (we tend to like baseball & football).  We also gather around the conference table regularly to talk about you - our customers!

We know it's not convenient to head over to Las Vegas, Nevada to speak with us, but are here to help.  Whether you need to know what's in stock, or what the most popular baby bibs, pacifier holders or burp cloths are - we're only a click away. 

Our main goals are to make the Eiffel Towel products better, make more baby accessories that you and your child want in cute and cuddly designs that you care about, and make the process of ordering with Eiffel Towel easier and more eco-friendly.  We've done stuff such as make our product descriptions easier to read with information that you want to know now.  Additionally, we've added chat options for those on the go and we regularly check our customer support email box.

The easiest way to reach Eiffel Towel is to email us.  Somebody on our team is always connected to the customer service's email address of We'll usually reply within a few minutes during the business day, but after hours it could take a little longer.  Don't worry!  We'll get to your email or chat request as soon as possible.

We're always looking to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  Thank you!.


Allan & The Eiffel Towel Team