Donate a Towel

Towels are one of the most under donated items

One of the items that homeless shelters need the most are towels.  Luckily, Eiffel Towel is in the linen business.  We already give a bunch of new and pre-loved towels away, but we want to give everybody the opportunity to donate their towels to their local homeless shelter.

We'll include an environmentally safe bag with every order, so that you can easily drop it off with your local shelter.


So what's in it for you?

Other than helping out others in need, we'll give you 15% off your next order.  Take a picture of you dropping your towels off at the shelter, send it to us at and we'll promptly send you a coupon that you or somebody else can use on their next Eiffel Towel order.


How do I find my closest homeless shelter?

Click on this link to find your closest homeless shelter.