We love taking photos and making videos with babies and mothers in mind

It's funny when we speak with our business partners and customers.  They all love our baby-themed videos especially when we manage to capture that moment when that little infant girl or baby boy or toddler twin manage to crack a smile while the camera is pointed toward them. (Believe me, it requires a lot of work and a whole lot of luck to get that shot).

With that said, we're super excited to always plan a baby photography shoot with our friends and customers.  It's always a fun and unexpected day when we can get together and take several hundred, if not several thousand shots.  It usually takes a team of 3 or 4 people to manage the products, get the shooting location correct, get the lightning lined up and most important - get the baby model ready for shooting time.

You see many of our still images on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account.  We just launched our YouTube Channel in August 2019, and we're super happy to get all of our videos out there.  We've embedded a several of our video edits below.  They're super short so you and your child can watch and laugh at all of the silliness that happens during our days at Eiffel Towel.