I like free stuff, you like free stuff - WE ALL LIKE FREE STUFF!!!
Did you know that in January 2019, Eiffel Towel gave away 1000+ towels to our earliest supporters?  All they had to do was spread the word and get potential customers to add their email address.  The program was so successful that it broke our website for a few days.  Yikes!


Okay!  Cool!  I want some free stuff now.  How do I get it?

We believe that giving away our products is so important to an early start-up company like Eiffel Towel.  We need to get our products into your hands where you can use it, provide feedback and rave about it.

We’re lining up our Super Secret Summer & Winter 2019 Products right now and we’re going to need new product testers.  If you’re already an active Brand Ambassador that has referred one or more orders, you’re going to receive a sample of our Summer 2019 product line free-of-charge - we’re shipping them out in the next 2 weeks.  No action is required by you.


But my friends aren’t buying…  What else can I do to help (and get free stuff)?

We get it.  Selling is tough.  But did you know that we allocate anywhere from 25-50 units per new product to send to our most active Brand Ambassadors regardless of sales?  Here is how we gauge activity:

  • Regularly LIKE & COMMENT & ENGAGE with others on our Social Media.  Tag a friend or start a discussion (like "What other Eiffel Towel colors can we expect in the future?")
  • Invite your friends to our Facebook Page
  • Eiffel Towel Facebook Page @eiffeltowelcom
  • Get your friends to visit EiffelTowel.com using your Unique URL Link
    • We need your help to get your friends into our online store (whether they buy anything or not).  We can easily track if your friend uses your Unique URL Link and visits EiffelTowel.com.  Our IT team cares about unique webpage visitors and the number of pages they click.  Make sure it's really your friend and not just you refreshing the webpage - we can tell.
    • Bonus points:  If your friend enters their email address and spins the wheel when they arrive to our website.
    • Eiffel Towel Wheel of Fortune Discount