The Eiffel Towel Story

The idea for Eiffel Towel started in early 2012.  My 1 year old niece Bea was dealing with eczema flare ups.  Eczema sucks!  For those that have never dealt with this skin irritation, imagine a bunch of little mosquitos bites all over you.   You’re not supposed to scratch them, but you do.  Then after a few days, the blisters start to go away, but you still itch.  Then the skin dries up and you itch again.  If you’re lucky, you didn’t permanently scar your skin.   It’s horrible!

Eczema Eiffel Towel eco-friendly

Bea’s doctors couldn’t figure out the cause, but we believed it was triggered from several things:  using different clothing materials, eating different foods, going through different seasons, experiencing different weather types (humid, damp, cool, etc.), different shampoos, different soaps, different detergents and coming into close contact with different animals.  Basically she was doing what any other toddler does.

While I knew I couldn’t cure eczema or change the way a toddler naturally acts, I knew I could at least try to ease the irritation and make her everyday things more enjoyable.

I started off sourcing the softest and most comfortable material. I then experimented with different designs that would prove to be functional but look beautiful and unique.

After hundreds of prototypes, I came up with the Eiffel Towel - a beautiful waffle-weave that is soft to the touch yet absorbent for the messiest situations.

The Eiffel Towel fabric is different than your normal towel fabric:

  • It was made with infants, toddlers, children in mind, but we didn’t forget all those that are kids at heart.  It's soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.
  • It’s made from TENCEL™ and Organic Cotton and we make the towels through a planet-safe manufacturing process.
  • It’s one of the most eco-friendly towels available.  We have 1 planet and we shouldn't waste it.
  • It was designed and made in the United States of America.

Since our original launch of the Eiffel Towel, it has appealed to our many customers beyond its original intent.  In the summer of 2019, we launched the Eiffel Baby line where we took our ever-so-popular Eiffel Towel and applied the soft and absorbent material to baby products.  Our customers have raved about our Eiffel Towel based baby blanket, baby bibs and baby pacifier holders.

We hope you enjoy your Eiffel Towel and our Eiffel Baby Series products.  It's made with love from a whole team of people around the world.

- Allan, Bea and the Eiffel Towel team