Why is this a pre-order?


We started our company in the fall of 2018, and we made a small test batch of towels for babies, kids, adults and eventually pets.  (We didn't even name it until just recently). Our marketing budget was $0, so through social media and word-of-mouth our message of being the Most Eco-friendly Towel on the Market for Kids, Pets and all Humans resonated with you.  You loved it!

We sold out all of our towels by the end of January 2019.

We're hard at work at getting a new stock of towels of all sizes and colors, but it's going to take some time.  We're the new kids on the block (yes, one of our favorite bands), and we want you here for the ride.

Those orders starting in January 2019 should receive their towels by June 2019 (crossing our fingers).  We appreciate your pre-order support so much that we're giving our early customers the following:

  • Free shipping to the USA for all orders $30+
  • At least a 10% discount off your order using promo code:  10PRE
  • Opportunity to get as much as a 20-30% discount spinning the wheel on our homepage of www.eiffeltowel.com.
    • Hint:  you can only spin it once, but you can have one of your friends spin it on their computer and you both can share the promo code
  • Free TBD Eiffel Towel swag
  • A big virtual hug from us for helping make out planet better

If you ever want a refund during this pre-order time, we'll give it back to you 100% - no questions asked.  Just send us an email at help@eiffeltowel.com and we'll take care of it ASAP!

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Thanks for your support!

-Allan & The Eiffel Towel Team