50 Burst Dates Pacifier Holder (15" x 15")

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The Story Behind the 50 Burst Dates Collection

Cook up some ground beef, mix it up with some gravy, fry up an egg and throw it in a bowl with rice.  Eat that loco moco until it’s all gone and then grab your surf board and head down to the beach from some sun and fun.  That’s the way they do it in Hawaii!

The Eiffel Towel 50 Burst Dates collection of baby bibs, pacifier holders and burp cloths was created by Emma of Honolulu, Hawaii.  While Emma spends most of her time on the mainland, she grew up on Oahu and spent as much time on the beach as time (and her parents) allowed. She yearns for the day that she can go back home to the islands and retire for good.

In the meantime, Emma is often caught daydreaming of home and her favorite Adam Sandler and Drew Berrymore movie - 50 First Dates.  She loves romantic comedies and will often indulge in an Adam and Drew flick whenever possible.

The 50 Burst Dates collection was created because Emma still calls Hawaii home, but also because she’s a firecracker that’s ready to burst with excitement at anytime.  This is collection is perfect for those little girls and little guys that can go from 0 to 100 in terms of excitement at a moment’s notice.

P.S.  If you don't know what a Hawaiian Loco Moco, then I definitely suggest you go out to your local Hawaiian fast food restaurant and check it out.


What makes Eiffel Towel's 50 Burst Dates so special?

 Made from a unique double-sided material incorporating the Eiffel Towel Waffle-Weave & a cute and cuddly design.

 Perfect for you Baby's Sensitive Skin

 Durable for the happiest babies

 Super soft and comfy

 Assembled in the U.S.A.


What do you get with the 50 Burst Dates Pacifier Holder?

    • 1 x Baby Pacifier Holder with Stuffed Toy
      • 15" x 15"
      • 100 grams
      • Baby not included


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