Bunyan & Babe Receiving Blanket (32" x 27")

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The Story

Bunyan & Babe in Abu Blueish-Green by Tiana of San Diego

Some think the stories of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe are just baloney - just made up stories of the long time ago when there weren't Kindles or Audiobooks.  Tiana of San Diego, CA begs to differ.

While Tiana lives in a digital age, she still remembers growing up and watching the old cartoons depicting this great and strong person that could plow fields with his hands and travel throughout the midwest without breaking a sweat.

Tiana loved the super soft Eiffel Towel material especially our Abu Bluish-Green color.  She paired it with one of her favorite plaid patterns and declared this Bunyan & Babe blanket, pacifier holder and bib worth of even the most rambunctious baby.


What makes Eiffel Towel's Bunyan & Babe so special?

✅ Made from a unique double-sided material incorporating the Eiffel Towel Waffle-Weave & a cute and cuddly design.

✅ Eco-friendly TENCEL & Organic Cotton 

✅ Perfect for you Baby's Sensitive Skin

✅ Durable for the happiest babies

✅ Made & Designed in the U.S.A.


    What you get:

    • 1 x Baby Receiving Blanket
      • 32" x 27"
      • 200 grams
      • Baby not included


      Other Info

      Release Date: July 20, 2019

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