Float Like a Butterfly Infant Baby Bib

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The Story Behind Float like a Butterfly

The famous professional boxer, Muhammed Ali, was quoted as saying

“Float like a butterfly,

Sting like a bee”


This quote perfectly describes his style of boxing. Ali had the style and grace of an elegant butterfly, but the ferocious athleticism of a bee that just had their hive raided.  Our friend, the beautiful Stephanie of Irvine, California is a leader of her community and an aspiring martial artist who easily could be overlooked as just another female. Growing up, Stephanie was always petite and never taken seriously because of her size.


Stephanie designed the Float like a Butterfly, Sting Like You’re Three Collection for all the smaller than average little girls and little boys that need to work a little harder than their peers to be taken seriously.


If you see that buzz in your baby girl or baby boy, then the Float like a Butterfly Collection is for them. If they’re anything like Stephanie, then they’ll thrive as leaders in life.



What makes Eiffel Towel's Float Like a Butterfly so special?

 Made from a unique double-sided material incorporating the Eiffel Towel Waffle-Weave & a cute and cuddly design.

 Perfect for you Baby's Sensitive Skin

 Durable for the happiest babies

 Super soft and comfy

 Assembled in the U.S.A.


What do you get with the Float like a Butterfly Bib?

  • 1 x Baby Bib
    • Standard size (fits in a rectangle of 12"x9")
    • 25 grams
  • Baby not included

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