Scallops For Dinner Pacifier Holder (15" x 15")

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The Story

Scallops for Dinner in Blushing Coral by S❤️phie

Life is a roller coaster that shows the smallest instances can make the biggest impact on someone.  The inspiration for Scallops for Dinner came to S❤️phie during a birthday sushi meal with her and her closest friend.

Her sushi favorites were always the nigiri (slices of raw fish over rice) and usually it came down to salmon, tuna, yellowtail and scallops.  Her birthday dinner happened to be at the same time that a large family with 2 kids that were celebrating one of their birthdays.  The kids were about 1 and 2 years old.  They loved the food, loved how they could all share their different meals family-style and they loved playing with their chopsticks.

The very sociable 2 year old came over to the table and asked for food off of S❤️phie's plate.  Mom laughed and S❤️phie gave her a piece of her scallop nigiri and Scallops for Dinner was born.

S❤️phie's design includes the different shades of sushi and the scallop pattern of her favorite nigiri - Hotate.


What makes Eiffel Towel's Scallops for Dinner so special?

✅ BPA-Free Pacifier

✅ Removable Pacifier so you can replace it

✅ Made from a unique double-sided material incorporating the Eiffel Towel Waffle-Weave & a cute and cuddly design.

✅ Eco-friendly TENCEL & Organic Cotton 

✅ Perfect for you Baby's Sensitive Skin

✅ Durable for the happiest babies

✅ Designed & Made in the U.S.A.


    What you get:

    • 1 x Baby Pacifier Holder with removal Pacifier & Elephant Stuffed Toy
      • 15" x 15"
      • 100 grams
    • Color:  Blushing Coral Pink
      • Baby not included

      Other Info

      Release Date:  July 29, 2019

      In-stock:  Yes, limited.


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