Wasabi Time Pacifier Holder (15" x 15")

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The Story

Wasabi Time in Abu Bluish-Green by Jay-Tee of Tampa.

Dine-in or Take out?

Bar or Table?

Nigiri or Maki?

Sake or Beer?

So many decisions!  So So So Many!

Wasabi Time combines two of Jay-Tee’s favorites:  Wasabi (the green Japanese horseradish that clears up your sinuses) and Time.  Jay-Tee has  access to plenty of wasabi and sushi but never enough time.  Given enough time, Jay-Tee’s dream would be to travel throughout Japan and sample the sushi cuisine from all over the country.

Her sushi favorites include Sake Nigiri (Salmon to us English speakers), Toro (tuna belly) and the good ole’ California roll (crab salad mix).  She’ll never rush eating nor will she ever dip her sushi.  She’ll always scrap a little bit of the fresh wasabi and just a few drop of soy sauce before it enters her tummy.

In our Wasabi Time collection, Jay-Tee chose the ever popular Abu Bluish-Green Eiffel Towel color to complement her favorite pieces of sushi.  She hopes that her look and design will complement your favorite bundle of sushi.

What makes Eiffel Towel's Wasabi Time so special?

✅ BPA-Free Pacifier

✅ Removable Pacifier so you can replace it

✅ Made from a unique double-sided material incorporating the Eiffel Towel Waffle-Weave & a cute and cuddly design.

✅ Eco-friendly TENCEL & Organic Cotton 

✅ Perfect for you Baby's Sensitive Skin

✅ Durable for the happiest babies

✅ Made & Designed in the U.S.A.


    What you get:

      • 1 x Baby Pacifier Holder with Elephant Stuffed Toy
        • 15" x 15"
        • 100 grams
      • Baby not included


      Other Info

      Release Date: August 14, 2019

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